Understand Energy

In order for us to experience healthy Minds and Bodies, we first need to understand energy, where it comes from, how we get it and how to maintain it and keep it balanced. Everything contains a certain vibratory frequency or level of energy; beginning with the most subtle, for example, our thoughts (mind) to the less subtle our physical bodies.

We are continuously sending out vibrations of energy as well as continuously attracting energy toward us both positive and negative. Positive thinking, healthy eating, stress reduction, and body work all play important roles into a healthy holistic lifestyle.

Desikachar once said “Heavy food, heavy mind, light food light mind” making us realize the powerful energetic effect food plays in our lives among many things.

We need to consider that creating health means creating a lifestyle that is supportive and in alignment with our mental emotional physical and spiritual well being. If we want to be “healthy” we need to be willing to make changes and learn to let go. YOGA is a mind/body healing system; it is a lifestyle, a way of living , not just a physical exercise. It is working acting and living in harmony with oneself and all beings.