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Yoga Freedom Project
January 9, 2012

Off the Mat NYC is teaming up with the Somaly Mam Foundation to help raise awareness and funds to stop human sex trafficking. The month long initiative, called the Yoga Freedom Project, is hosting yoga workshops and events across the county all in an effort to help end modern day sex slave trade in North America and around the world.

New York yoga teachers Alan Finger, Elena Brower, Dana Flynn, Dharma Mittra, Cyndi Lee, Tricia Donegan, Jodie Rufty, Sierra Bender, and Suzanne Sterling will be involved in a special workshop on Jan. 31 at 7pm in New York, according to a press release distributed by the Freedom Project. Supermodel Christy Turlington and actress Ashley Judd will also be lending their support. More

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L+C Magazine

Yoga Freedom Project Fundraiser
January 31, 2012

NEW YORK CITY – The Yoga Freedom Project: Practice for Freedom ended the month on a high note by presenting NYC’s all star yoga teachers, including Elena Brower, Dana Flynn, Cyndi Lee, Jodie Rufty, Alan Finger, Sri Dharma Mittra, Sierra Bender, Tricia Donegan, and Suzanne Sterling! Off the Mat NYC, a community group dedicated to a multitude of important causes, partnered with the Somaly Mam Foundation in creating a global yoga month in January 2012 to raise awareness and funding to help bring an end to sex trafficking. Within the sleek event space of Twelve 21, over 100 New York yogis came together to stretch, bend, and stand in solidarity for the freedom of sex trafficking victims. The attendance and enthusiasm for the project illustrated how powerful, loving and strong the global yoga community can be. The featured host was none other than the founder of the organization, Somaly Mam, who kicked off the evening’s practice with these uplifting words: Inspire people around you to make a difference.


Press Release Point

New from Outskirts Press: Hatha Yoga sequencing book that shows the safe way to stretch and strengthen
August 30th, 2008 by OutskirtsPress

August 2008. Denver, CO and Union City, NJ (PressReleasePoint) – Coauthors and Hatha Yoga instructors Jodie Rufty and Liz Parks have created The Art of Yoga Sequencing: A Hip Opening Practice, which is specifically designed to show teachers-in-training and the many men and women who practice yoga at home the proper way to stretch and strengthen hip rotators as well as how to master the art of sequencing a yoga class.

With instructive photos and accompanying descriptions, The Art of Yoga Sequencing: A Hip Opening Practice explains the logic behind the creation of a sequence designed to open the hips. It shows, for example, why it is easier to open the hips when a person begins with poses that externally rotate the legs and hips, and then moves gradually into more challenging poses, such as Parivrtta Padangusthasana (Twisting Hand-to-Foot) or Parivrtta Trikonasana, (Revolved Triangle).